80/20 webdesign and Marketing (not only) for coaches

Make the 20% effort that brings 80% of your success in your new business!

What 20%?

Online marketing can become a monster that eats up your resources if you invest time, energy or money into things that you actually don’t need in that moment. Let’s find the few simple tools that can help you reach out to your possible clients! Let’s invest in these things as much energy as needed! (Is it Instagram or Facebook, webshop or simple signup form…?)

That’s why I offer a FREE CONSULTATION, where we can discuss what you actually need in this period of your business, and how we can arrange them with the minimum neccessary investment.

This consultation doesn’t mean any committment from your part. It is literally free.

I can help to deploy your business

We will talk through where you are right now, what you actually need in your business. We discuss who your ideal client is, and how you can reach them with your message.

It is extremely difficult, and unnecessary to address EVERYBODY, and also it is expensive and full of frustration. Let’s find out together those people who would be happy to click to your links! Let’s find together those few tools that can multiply your traffic!



1, You pay the first installments when you see and like the first design plans, and read the contract. If you don’t like what you see, you don’t pay.

2, You pay the rest of the fee only when you received the system and see that it works.

3, For the next two months (after we closed your project) I can correct any problems or restore your website without any questions. 

4, You can choose a monthly payment as well, where we can have ongoing cooperation, maintenance, and development.

What are the steps in preparing your website?

First consultation - 1st week
We discuss what you need. I learn about your work, clients. Make some suggestions.

What to do: Take part in the first consultation!

Payment: FREE

Second consultation, firs version of your design - 1st week
We discuss what tools you need, what functions we have to build. We create the “wireframe”.

To do: Think about what we discussed! Collect your ideas!

Take part in the consultation!

Start creating your content!

Payment: FREE

Front page, clarifying the price, contract - 2nd week
I create a front-page for your website on my own domain. I also give you a price according to what we discussed and prepare the contract including deadlines, tasks for both of us.

To do: Check the front-page! Give me your suggestions! Think about the price I gave to you! Check the contract! If you like all this, please sign the contract and send it back to me!

Have you got a domain name and hosting service provider? If not or if you are not satisfied, would you like to try the one I use?

Payment: The first payment is 20% of the full fee. It is not to be returned, except if the project fails because of my fault.

Finalizing the front-page and other pages - 2-4th weeks
To do: Follow my work, and tell your suggestions!

Go on preparing your content!

If you insist on working with your former hoster, please prepare all the necessary information now! (I will tell you what we need when we get there.)

Payment: No further payment.

Moving your web-site, working on functions - 5-6th weeks
The view of your website must be ready by now. It must look good on any devices.

I move your pages to your host.

We finalize the neccessary functions (like forms, chatbot, shopping functions, whatever we agreed about.)

To do: I need your login information NOW.

We also need your articles. If anything is not ready, please do your best to finish it!

Payment: Nothing to pay now.

Finalizing the system - 7th week
I hand out the system to you. I honestly hope you will honor me with your cooperation next time, but if you choose to work with someone else, you will get all the information for this.

I can briefly teach you the most important functions of your website.

To do: Receive your documentation, and test your marketing system!

Payment: 80% of the fee we agreed about

Maintainance and guarantee - The first 2 months and beyond
I will go on updating and maintaining your website for 2 more months. If you have any new content, like blog article or page content, I can publish it for you.

I can recover your website any time without question during this period.

We can also agree about a monthly fee of maintenance and updating from the 3rd month. This simply extends your guarantee.

You can ask me for one-time maintenance as well.

This is different from the monthly full marketing service.


Clear, sightful, responsive pages (looking good on mobile devices as well.)

Email marketing

Free automatic tool to reach out to your audience and customers.

Chatbot marketing

Automated customers service in 7/24 that helps you find new clients and answer questions.

Social media

You don’t need all of them. You just have to find where your clients are and start communicating there.

Why should anyone choose 80/20

It's not only a fency website.
You will get a complex marketing system that brings you new clients. We can coordinate all the marketing tools a new coaching business needs. You don’t need anyone else at the first steps.
I delivere the whole system. There are no secrets.
You don’t have to touch your website if you don’t want to. But what if you would like to do so? What if you would like to post or would like to set up a new page yourself? Is this still your web-site?

Sure. When we finished the work together, you can hire anyone else, or can learn how to do things on your own. You will receive all the accesses you need for this.


We are using highly supported safe tools.
We are using WordPress, Divi or Elementor builder. These are developed for a worldwide community of users. Therefore they are safe and regularly updated with every kinds of solutions.
My service is tailored on you.
I designed my packages for small businesses, especially for coaches or trainers. I concentrate on what you actually need. I am also a Christian Pastor and did my first coaching/counseling blog and website for myself.


I'm available for you.
There is no greater frustration than a mistake in the middle of an important marketing campaign, especially when the developer is not available for days.

For me, it is an important value being available for these situations. The sooner is the better, but even if it is not urgent, errors should be corrected within 24 hours, but if it is an important moment, like a running campaign, it should happen even sooner.


If I do not reply very soon for your e-mail, you can call me on the phone in such a situation.

About me

My name is Ferenc Kozma. I am a Pastor and Missionary in Hungary. I created my first websites for my own minitry. Building coaching/counseling websites became my passion. During our work from our first consultation until closing the project, you will be in touch with me.

In the first few years of your business I am sure you don’t need a marketing agency with specialists. Rather it can be very useful if you have one partner who can handle all the online marketing tools, branding and positioning as well as coaching you in this process.

Contact me for the first FREE CONSULTATION without any further obligations!


Online starter kit

Would you like to become visible online by starting your own website? Would you like to do a Blog with a short introduction? I can help you in your first steps. You will get your new websites and a few tips and tricks so that you can do it yourself with the best results.

Webdesign package

Would you like to get nice webdesign for your business? Would you like to add new functions later? This is the right place for you. Let’s consult about what you actually need!

Full marketing project

Do you need an ongoing partnership for the best results?

I will give you the best tools you need and we can build up your marketing system step by step together.